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National fluorescent and discharge light source exports Analysis

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The first half of 2015, the national fluorescent lamps and discharge lamp industry in total exports of $ 1.638 billion, an increase of -12.01%. State exports are mainly concentrated in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Hong Kong and other regions. Of which: total exports of US $ 242 million (14.8%), an increase of -16.6%; from trade situation fluorescent lamp industry, general trade, accounting for 83.49% of total exports of all trade.
Exports from regional distribution, the proportion of fluorescent lamp industry mainly concentrated in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian, Shanghai and Jiangsu. Zhejiang completion of total exports 704 million US dollars, an increase of -8.46%; from the growth point of view, Sichuan ranks first in the country.

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